Reports & Publications

Reports and Publications

Strategic Plan

Queensland Positive People’s mission is to improve the quality of life of people living with HIV, and help reduce new infections of HIV and STIs.  Click below to download the 2021-2025 QPP Strategic Plan.

Annual Reports

Each financial year QPP compiles an annual report which gives an overview on our activities, successes and projects throughout the period and images of some of our team and events.  They also feature compulsory reporting required by legislation including our financial report.  To the button below download the latest annual report.  Previous years reports are also available via the links below.

2019-2020 QPP Annual Report

2018-2019 QPP Annual Report

2017-2018 QPP Annual Report

2016-2017 QPP Annual Report

2015-2016 QPP Annual Report

2014-2015 QPP Annual Report

2013-2014 QPP Annual Report

2012-2013 QPP Annual Report


QPP’s position and research conducted by professionals at QPP and affiliated organisations and individuals, will appear in the section. These might include Discussion Papers, Journal Submissions, and other research or advocacy related reporting.  These are circulated widely to the community, to other specialists in the sexual health sector and beyond, so that QPP’s position on a particular matter or the results of research, receive prompt and thorough professional scrutiny.

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