Care Finder Aged Care Navigation

About Our Aged Care Navigation Program

Our aged care navigator program assists those who are eligible for government-funded aged care services and require intensive support to interact with My Aged Care, access aged care services and connect with other community supports. This includes people who already receive aged care services or other relevant supports.

Peer Navigation

Early intervention program to support those newly diagnosed with HIV and those re-engaging with care to navigate the complex environment of HIV care and treatment.

Case Management

A holistic approach to support PLHIV to address barriers such as homelessness, mental health and other issues that might impact their management of HIV.

Emergency Funding

Here at QPP, we believe that everyone has the right to safe and effective healthcare – this includes those who may not qualify for/under the Medicare system.

Stigma & Discrimination

For PLHIV who experience challenges with HIV discrimination, and/or stigma we provide legal support and referrals.

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