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Why Become A QPP Member?

At QPP’s core, we are a peer-based organisation that represents all people living with HIV (PLHIV) throughout Queensland. QPP is all about supporting our community and we can only do what we do with the support and participation of the community that we serve.

If you would like to be more involved with the QPP community, we invite you to join us as a member. Members bring strength in numbers and your support is part of a growing group that cares about our community. Every new member helps QPP to access current information, improve our programs and support our advocacy initiatives.

Becoming a member can also be a way to meet other people with HIV, talk to others who have also been recently diagnosed, overcome feelings of isolation or stigma, access advocacy support for HIV related issues and engage with peer support.

We offer two types of membership to the community – both are free.

Ordinary Membership Associate Membership

Ordinary Membership

Only PLHIV can join as Ordinary Members and are provided all of the benefits of Associate Membership, along with extra benefits such as:

  • Constitutional privileges e.g. voting for board members etc.
  • Opportunities to join our Community Advisory Group (CAG) that enables PLHIV to have meaningful involvement in program development, implementation and policy-making in Queensland’s HIV response
  • Invitations to regular HIV training programs and social activities, which can assist in meeting other PLHIV

To become an Ordinary member, your HIV+ status needs to be confirmed by a medical professional. A copy of the QPP constitution will be sent out with your membership introduction package.

Associate Membership

Anyone member of the community who is interested in staying informed about HIV and QPP programs can become an Associate Member. Associate Members will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to the regular QPP e-newsletter
  • Learning about the latest treatment information
  • Early access to employment opportunities with QPP and opportunities to volunteer

By joining as a QPP member, you will have already shown your support for PLHIV. However, for those who wish, there are plenty of opportunities across Queensland for more active involvement. You may wish to join a volunteer program on a weekend, take part in a development project, enjoy a social activity, or facilitate/simply join in on the conversation on Facebook to actively promote our cause. Whatever you choose, you’ll enjoy fun and friendship with the chance to learn all about living with HIV. Our team welcomes all member participation. 

If you’re living with HIV, you can join QPP as an associate, and change your membership to ordinary membership later, and enjoy the extra benefits of full membership.

How to Join

It’s easy to join or request further information, simply contact us today for an application, or print and fill out both forms below and post to us.

Update My Details

If you have recently moved, or changed any of your contact details, click below and fill out our form to ensure you can keep up to date with everything QPP.

Our trained team is here to help you should you have any questions or need support. You can contact QPP toll free from a Queensland land-line on 1800 636 241 or (07) 3013 5555 nationally, email us at or use our contact us form.

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