HIV Prevention

About HIV Prevention

Today, more tools than ever are available to prevent HIV. Using condoms the right way, every-time you have sex, always using clean needles, taking PrEP if you are HIV negative, or taking treatment as prevention (TasP) if you are HIV positive, you can further reduce and even eliminate your risk of HIV transmission.

Getting regular sexual health check, including a HIV test when appropriate, is also important to help reduce HIV in our community. Read more about how HIV is transmitted and how to prevent it here.

How Is HIV Transmitted

HIV can be shared in some body fluids, like blood and semen, but not in fluids like saliva or sweat.

Treatment As Prevention

TasP refers to using HIV medication to dramatically reduce the chance of transmitting HIV to others.


A tablet that you can take to reliably prevent HIV. Lots of people, especially gay and bisexual men, take PrEP to prevent HIV.


A medication, if started within 72 hours, may prevent HIV after a potential exposure to the virus through sex (or injecting).

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