We’re working on a Change to HIV Stigma

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We are all on a journey towards a world where HIV related stigma doesn’t exist.

But let’s be honest, it’s been a slow journey. There have been roadblocks, slowdowns, sometimes we crawl towards that better world, we’ve gone backwards at times, and sometimes we take big steps forward.

We want to take a big leap. Actually, what we’d love is to take the express train towards that future.

As part of clear and consistent requests from our community to do something to reduce HIV related stigma from the general public, we asked out community Australia wide to help to take that big leap forward, towards what we hope will be a non-stop express train to a future we all dream of.

We are creating a bold, bright, positive campaign focused on reducing HIV related stigma.

We’ve got on our team the incredible creative agency Wonderkarma, and with the support of Gilead Sciences, ViiV Healthcare, Queensland Health, and NAPWHA we have all that we need to bring it to life, and now thanks to our incredible community, we are gathering real people, living with HIV, or with strong connections to the lived experience, to be showcased in our campaign, and share a little about themselves.

Explore more about our model search process below.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a handful of individuals (and couples) of any gender, any sexuality, any culture, any background, who are prepared and comfortable to be interviewed and captured for the campaign. You can be from anywhere in Australia, as long as you are over 18 years old.

We are predominately looking for people who are living with HIV, and couples where one or both partners are living with HIV. We will consider individuals that aren’t living with HIV but have a strong connection to the lived experience, however as you can understand our priority is to represent our diverse community of people living with HIV.

We want to bust stereotypes, make the Grim Reaper a relic of the past, and tell the public that people living with HIV are just as incredible, unique, and capable as anyone else.

Let's show everyone that we are beautiful, bold, proud, and that we are not defined by our condition.

Where will the campaign be seen?

The campaign will launch July 2023, to coincide with the International AIDS Society HIV Science Conference being held in Brisbane.

The campaign will be featured on roadside adverts like billboards and bus shelters, in print, digitally on social media, radio, and some of the imagery will be used in a TV commercial featured on major television stations. Don't worry, no speaking to camera required. We are expecting that the campaign will be seen across Queensland, Australia and internationally.

The campaign is for the public and will be seen by the public. We don't want to hide anymore.

How do I apply?

If you are over 18, and living in Australia, living with HIV, or closely connected with the lived experience of HIV, you are eligible so far.

Next, you must be prepared to be publicly open with your HIV status. We know this is a big deal, and for some, a deal breaker. 

If this isn't something you are prepared for, that is totally ok, but for this campaign to work, we need the participants to leap into the future with us, so that others can follow in their footsteps.

If you're with us still, we just need to hear from you.

  • You can either complete the Expression of Interest
  • or request a Call Back and we will go through the questions with you.
  • If your preferred language isn't English, let us know and we will arrange an interpreter to help us talk with you.

Naturally, all the details you tell us will remain private and confidential, with only relevant parts of your application shared with our trusted partners if required. If you are chosen to take part in the campaign, we will have some more official documents for you to sign.

 A disclaimer however, we do ask a lot of questions.  The main reason for this, more than anything else, is to ensure you're safe and comfortable with being involved.  Some of the questions might be a little confronting, maybe even a little private, but they are designed that way to help us (and you) figure out if being involved is the right thing for you. We also want to ensure that who takes part in the campaign represents the wonderfully diverse group of people that are living with HIV.

What is the selection process?

People with lived experience of HIV will be included in the entire process of choosing individuals for the campaign.

  1. We will check each application for their eligibility and readiness for inclusion in the campaign.  During this process, one of our peer navigation staff will contact you to confirm some details and conduct a short online interview to ensure you are comfortable with what taking part in this important campaign might mean for you before, during and afterwards.
  2. Once we confirm your eligibility, we will shortlist the candidates to ensure we properly represent the diversity that makes up our community.
  3. With a small selection panel from QPP, our creative agency and national body NAPWHA, we will choose the lucky participants to be included in this landmark campaign.
  4. Once this process is complete, we will notify all applicants of the status of your application.

To those who are chosen, we thank you in advance for coming along on this journey with us.  For those that miss out, it's never a reflection of who you are, it's just, try as we might, we can only share a small number of stories, whilst showing the depth and diversity of our communities.

Will support be available if I need it?

Absolutely. The QPP peer navigation and support team is always on hand for you before, during and after the campaign to support you if you need it.

They are not involved with the creative side; they are there just for you. They can also refer you to an independent service if needed or requested. Your wellbeing is always our first priority.

What happens if I am selected?

For those who are chosen for the amazing opportunity to share a little about themselves and what makes up our diverse PLHIV community, firstly we'll get in contact and go over some of the boring stuff. Model releases, consent forms etc.  We will make sure you understand everything we need from you, the process, and what you can expect from us. If you need an interpreter, we'll arrange that for you too.

Then the writer from our creative agency will make a time to contact you and interview you over the phone.  This will take about an hour. They are incredible at finding out all those little things that make everyone special.

Next, the biggest thing that will happen, at least before the launch of the campaign, is coming to the campaign photo and video shoot.  The shoot will take place in late May, in Brisbane where the participants will have their campaign portraits taken. You'll work with the full creative team, including an internationally renowned makeup artist, and stylist to ensure you look your absolute best. It will be a fabulous chance to meet the other individuals in the campaign, and a member of our support team will be on-site if you need them.

For those that don't live in or near Brisbane, we will cover the costs of travel and accommodation to be there. For those who live more locally, we can help get you to and from the studio on the day if you need it.

Following the campaign shoot, we will all have a little wait, as the talented Wonderkarma team do their thing creating all the artwork, and the television commercial ready for the launch of the campaign.  We will be able to give you a few little sneak peaks along the way too.

Finally, at a special community social event at the Powerhouse in Brisbane, held in conjunction with the IAS HIV Science Conference in July 2023, the campaign will be launched and start appearing everywhere throughout metro Brisbane and further out. We can't wait.

Our application process for taking part in the campaign has closed.

We thank everyone deeply who came forward to take part and all those who took time to consider.

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If you have any questions about the campaign, contact the QPP Communications Coordinator Adam on 0400 596 957 Tuesday – Friday during business hours

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