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The Pills Are Alive

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I was living in Auckland, NZ when I was diagnosed with HIV in the mid 90s and the prognosis was still, even then, pretty much terminal. AZT was the only treatment prospect and it’s toxicity seemed at least as problematic as HIV itself. The trick seemed to be a balancing act – measuring the decline of CD4s against the arrival of much better medication. When my CD4s finally went below 350 and I began to develop... Read more

On Purpose, the Return of Passion

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When I was first diagnosed early September in 2007 I was 21. I was petrified of medication as my best friend was on medication and I watched him struggle with side effects which would make him house bound due to the unpredictable nature of what he was going through. I was diagnosed whilst on PEP. The first and only time I had taken some responsibility for my impulsive sexual behaviour and I got the call back and the... Read more