RSV Vaccination Recommended for PLHIV 60 & Over

Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) guidelines list HIV infection as one of the immunocompromising conditions associated with an increased risk of RSV disease complications, for which vaccination is recommended in adults over 60 years (co-administration of RSV vaccines and other vaccines is seen as acceptable).

For those who desire a vaccination, make sure to contact your health care providers for more information, to check availability, and arrange an appointment.

ATAGI recommendations

  • A single dose of Arexvy RSV vaccine is recommended for the following groups:
  • All adults aged ≥75 years, who have the highest burden of RSV hospitalisation and are likely to have the greatest benefit from vaccination.
  • Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples aged 60 to 74 years,who have a rate of RSV associated hospitalisation that is similar to non-Indigenous Australians aged ≥75 years.
  • Adults aged 60 to 74 years with medical conditions that increase their risk of severe disease due to RSV (HIV included).
  • Do not administer Arexvy RSV vaccine to pregnant women or infants.

ATAGI’s statement on clinical practice guidance in relation to (RSV) disease in older adults in Australia can be accessed here

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