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QPP’s position and research conducted by professionals at QPP and affiliated organisations and individuals, will appear in the Discussion Paper Series. These Discussion Papers are circulated widely to the community, other specialists in the sexual health sector and beyond, so that QPP’s position on a particular matter or the results of research, receive prompt and thorough professional scrutiny.  Discussion Papers are listed by publication date.

RAPID works towards 2020 targets

In just 10 months since opening, RAPID, a Brisbane community‐based rapid HIV testing service, has grown to be one of the most successful rapid HIV testing sites in Queensland and plays an important role in reducing the proportion of PLHIV unaware of their status.

HIV transmission, the law and public health
This paper explores an alternative to the criminalisation of HIV transmission.  Criminalising transmission contradicts the most essential prevention message: every person has a responsibility to take all reasonable precautions to avoid contracting an STI or HIV. The prosecution of HIV transmission attracts negative media and community attention that unfortunately:

  • misrepresents HIV as a death sentence
  • increases the fear of being known as HIV positive
  • discourages voluntary HIV testing for fear of prosecution and/or stigma
  • discourages PLHIV from engaging with health & social services
  • impedes the environment necessary to enable HIV disclosure
  • jeopardises education, counselling & treatment initiatives that facilitate new scientific advances being introduced and integrated into communities

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