Support During COVID

Where to find support during COVID

Despite the challenges we are all facing on every level of our lives with COVID-19 – QPP services are operating and staff are here to provide support and assistance for people living with HIV in any way we can.  If you need support while our office is closed, check out our Community Partners page for more ways for help.

Whether you are feeling overwhelmed with physical distancing, emotional, psychological and/or financial vulnerability – QPP can provide support with:

  • Social and emotional support
  • Social connection
  • Peer support to navigate the complex environment of HIV diagnosis, treatment and care.
  • Practical assistance with accessing medications, clinical services, food, housing and other essential support services
  • Information and support with stigma, discrimination, migration and the law.
  • HIV/STI rapid testing.

While we had to temporarily change the way we deliver some of our services, all of our services are back to normal. Our peer navigators, case managers and peer testers are continuing to provide practical assistance to people living with HIV through resources and some funds available to assist you in emergency situations. Each person’s needs and circumstances will be assessed to determine how best to deliver the services – by phone/text, online format such as video chat, and in person – whichever method suits your situation best. Please see below for more detail.

Chat online now with one of our Peer Navigators by using the Live Chat pop up in the bottom right of our website or phone 1800 636 241 or by filling in the self-referral form online

Accessing Medications

Accessing medications

We are able to assist you in getting sufficient supplies of HIV and non-HIV medications and can help to facilitate delivery if you are unable to pick up medications or are concerned about COVID-19.
Accessing Food

Accessing food

We can provide assistance if you are having issues with getting an adequate supply of food. We understand that it is especially difficult at this time and may be able to help you access food supplies.
Appropriate Housing

Appropriate housing

If you are experiencing homelessness, or are currently facing issues relating to housing/accommodation – please contact us for information about housing options and assistance you may be eligible to access.
Legal Matters

Finding the right information about sigma, discrimination, migration and the law

Our team can provide assistance and referral if you are currently experiencing issues regarding legal services, migration, discrimination or stigma.
Peer Connection

If you would like to chat with another person living with HIV

QPP’s Peer Navigation team supports people diagnosed with HIV to navigate the complex environment of HIV treatment and care. Peer Navigators are accessible around the state, and represent different gender, ethnic and cultural backgrounds and are able to provide both information and emotional support if needed. The goals of our Peer Navigators are to:
  • Provide you with immediate peer support if you are recently diagnosed with HIV; or coming to terms with your HIV diagnosis;
  • Increase your understanding of HIV so that you can make reasoned and informed decisions about your treatment and care;
  • Help you to navigate the sometimes complex environment of testing, treatments, doctors, pharmacies and other allied health services; and
  • Where necessary, provide intensive support to ensure you are connected to both health, community and peer support services.
At this time specifically, people may be experiencing increased stress or anxiety in relation to HIV and COVID19. If you feel stressed or anxious about this, please reach out to one of our Peer Navigation team, also people living with HIV. They are here to provide you with emotional and social support online or by phone.
Social Groups

Social groups

In-person social groups are all operating, but we will always put the communities health first, so please keep an eye on the Events Page and for updates due to possible restrictions.
STI Testing

If you require and HIV and or STI Test

QPP’s RAPID HIV/STI testing program is open. We also have online ordering of self-testing kits.  Full details about RAPID are available on their website.

If you have any other current support needs that aren’t mentioned here please reach out and contact our team on 1800 636 241 or by filling in a Self Referral

Our trained team is here to help you should you have any questions or need support. You can contact QPP toll free from a Queensland land-line on 1800 636 241 or (07) 3013 5555 nationally, email us at or use our contact us form.

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