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HIV Science As Art

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97 Boundary St
West End, Queensland 4101 Australia
July 24, 2023 - August 5, 2023
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About Event

HIV Science as Art is an exhibit that highlights some of the world’s best HIV science through art in conjunction with the 12th International Conference on HIV Science. This exhibition brings the outstanding scientific advancements in HIV to life through the work of 12 extraordinary artists living with HIV from around the world.

The HIV Science as Art exhibition includes 12 original pieces of work that have been co-created between the HIV scientist and their companion artist. The final works, which includes everything from fashion design to painting to photography to sculpture, will be for sale with all funds raised will go towards supporting community HIV programs and services in the Asia/Pacific region.

“HIV science is life-saving and life-changing. But it has never done that work on its own. The AIDS response has required inspiration, imagination and a mirror held up to both humanity’s beauty and its ugliness. Our dream of ending this epidemic relies on cutting edge science, showing up inequalities and sharing a vision for a new world. We have always needed art to help us come to terms with what ‘is’ and get up to speed with what ‘can be’.” – Eamonn Murphy, Director, Regional Support Teams for Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe and Central Asia regions, UNAIDS

HIV Science as Art is free to view, at Metro Arts.  Check their website for gallery opening times.

Merchandise will be available for purchase from the QPP Shop during the exhibition and you can register to bid for the original artworks here.


This project is generously supported through an unrestricted educational grant from ViiV healthcare, and presented by NAPWHA and IAS 2023.


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