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  • We are delighted to announce the new QPP’s website with renewed feature and more focused information and resources for people living with HIV, their allies, and health providers.  It also includes a redeveloped events page, which gives users the ability to search easily for an event near them, add it to their own calendar and more.  We are really proud of the new site, but are always keen to improve so we welcome your feedback. Reach out to us via feedback@qpp.org.au 
  • The QPP website has been slowly growing its readership, and now with the new sites more focused and searchable content it is accessed by over 3000 visitors each month.  Our pages and articles on HIV Testing, Cost of HIV Treatment, Monkeypox (MPXV) and HIV and the law in Queensland are some of the most utilised.
  • Our QPP Facebook page reached 18,876 people, which is a 173% increase on the previous year.
  • We had 1,223 page visits, up 5% on the previous year, with 76 more followers to our page, which is nearly a 30% increase from the previous year.
  • QPP creates newsletters, social media and promotions for QPP, health and education, community events and opportunities of interest. Planning is also underway to reinvigorate our membership program.
  • QPP Plus is our monthly community newsletter – it delivers an easy to read, colourful approach on everything QPP is engaged in at the time.  It also provides links to the latest health information and social events that may interest our community.
  • QPP is also working closely with our community and government partners to ensure we have the most up to date information on the response to MPXV, including developments on transmission and vaccination program roll outs.   

World AIDS Day

  • Large colourful digital billboards at five sites throughout Queensland. This was a two- week campaign, running from 22 November to 05 December 2021. The Digital Billboard Campaign had approximately 2.8 million views.
  • A press release was distributed using a PR Agency to 1193 press contacts, including national news agencies and contacts throughout Queensland, enabling us to reach  newspapers, radio and television and of course our social media network.
  • The Brisbane Candlelight Vigil, held in Newstead, was attended by at least 100 community members, including council dignitaries with more attendance online.
  • The Cairns Candlelight Vigil, held at the Cairns Esplanade, was attended by at least 80 community members with more online.  
  • Both candlelight vigils included an inaugural reading of lives lost to the HIV/AIDS epidemic, to commemorate those the community have honoured and remembered throughout the 40-year history. Both vigils included a community gathering afterwards.
  • Red Commemorative Lighting at 23 sites across Queensland. Even more buildings and structures around the state were illuminated in red throughout World AIDS week and on World AIDS Day, as more councils were contacted and agreed to support.
  • Four World AIDS Day grants awarded to community groups across regional Queensland. QPP and QC worked collaboratively to implement and promote the Regional Grants Program. Through this program we were able to raise awareness and amplify the HIV positive voice through the following events:

Held on 1 December, World AIDS Day is the longest-running awareness initiative of its kind. Since 1988, World AIDS Day and the iconic red ribbon raise awareness about issues surrounding HIV/AIDS and commemorate those lost to the pandemic. While fundraising is no longer a primary focus, funds raised for World AIDS Day across Queensland are donated to The HOPE Fund.

This year, a strong key message from the community was that, although treatment and support has changed for the better, PLHIV still experience extreme stigma and discrimination in Queensland.  QPP in partnership with Queensland Council for LGBTI Health (QC) and the Queensland World AIDS Day Alliance (QWADA), led by the HIV+ voice, developed messaging to get this point across.


The curated messages explored five areas where there had been substantial changes in the response to HIV or more work was required.

World AIDS Day was promoted in the following ways:

26,831 Impressions

17,750 People Reached

1000 Engagements




671 Clicks

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These were:

  • It’s been 40 years of HIV and who would have thought……?”
  • Now, most people on treatment, cannot pass on HIV to their partners.
  • People living with HIV are still treated differently by others.
  • You can get help to live with HIV.
  • You can now prevent HIV with a simple medication, Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, or PrEP.

  • World AIDS Day Community BBQ – Cherbourg Regional Aboriginal & Islander Community Controlled Health Service (CRAICCHS)
  • World AIDS Day BBQ and candlelight vigil with speaker – Gold Coast Rainbow Communities
  • World AIDS Day Herbert Street Family Medical Centre Bowen
  • Townsville Sexual Health candlelight vigil including remembrance walk, red themed dinner with a positive guest speaker.

  • Many other regional events were held around the state, including those for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander HIV Awareness week.  WAD merchandise were distributed for use at the event.
  • Our  social media campaign  was a huge success with 17,750 people reached, with 163 shares, 789 likes, 48 comments and 671 people clicked on the links to the Queensland World AIDS Day website for more information.   

Our social media campaign was a huge success and resulted in the following:

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For more than three decades, the Citizens Welfare Committee (CWC) Charity Cabaret, has helped to raise much-needed money for those impacted by HIV/AIDS in Queensland. Each CWC Cabaret has wowed audiences with a unique cavalcade of performers who donate their time, talent, and enthusiasm to one of the most anticipated events on the Brisbane drag calendar.

With the amazing talents of the CWC master of ceremonies, performer, and organiser extraordinaire Betty Nature, CWC Charity Cabarets were held in November 2021 and March 2022 at the home of Brisbane drag, The Sportsman Hotel who are longstanding supporters of our events. Both events included an array of drag identities from all Brisbane queer venues, as well as some of Queensland’s best-loved performers from years gone by.

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The Sportsman Hotel who are longstanding supporters of our events. Both events included an array of drag identities from all Brisbane queer venues, as well as some of Queensland’s best-loved performers from years gone by.

Despite being impacted still by COVID-19 restrictions on venue capacities, the November and March events raised a total of $3,935.00. Both events were at capacity, often with a line of eager patrons waiting to get inside to enjoy the atmosphere and shows. We would like to thank The Den Fortitude Valley for their always generous support of the CWC raffles.  Their contributions, together with the other sponsors help us raise funds that make a substantiative impact to the quality of life of people living with HIV in Queensland today.

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We thank Betty and all the performers, sponsors, and patrons for their continuing support of CWC. The proceeds help provide peer support events and activities that foster empowerment and resilience by enhancing self-esteem and social connectedness among our diverse, and sometimes isolated, PLHIV community.


On the 30 October 2021 the Brisbane Pride Rally & March alongside the Brisbane Pride Fair Day went ahead, on a warm sunny day. A group of QPP and RAPID staff, QPP board, alongside members of QPP’s community advisory group strolled down Brunswick Street, proudly waving the QPP banner, alongside approximately 2000 members of the LGBTIQ+ community and their allies.

QPP and RAPID, with the support of ATOMO Diagnostics, had an information stall the at Brisbane Pride Fair Day, which was help in New Farm Park, the conclusion of the 2021 March and Rally. Our stall was staffed members of both the RAPID and QPP teams, helping to inform the community about RAPID's HIV Home Test Kit program, and QPP's services. We also handed out free water, condoms, carry bags, World AIDS Day ribbons, and delicious rainbow lollipops to the over 150 fair patrons who visited us.

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U=U Global Summit at AIDS 2022


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NAPWHA’s mission is to improve the health and quality of life for all people living with HIV (PLHIV) in Australia. Over the past 12 months we have worked across a range of projects to realise this. Our work includes advocacy, policy, research, health promotion, effective representation, and outreach across a range of health and social issues including treatments, ageing with HIV, testing, criminalisation, stigma and discrimination. Partnership is paramount in all our work, and we continue to work closely our members and networks to deliver work which connects us with PLHIV around Australia and improves their quality of life. Below are some highlights from the past 12-months.  

Health Literacy Framework

The Health Literacy Framework project (2019-2021) concluded its three-year initiative with a showcase at the NAPWHA members forum in June 2022 and a comprehensive report and evaluation. The project continues NAPWHA’s tradition of ground-breaking work for and with PLHIV, striving to ensure that all PLHIV have the best supports available to them in terms of appropriate, affordable, and accessible treatment and care. The project focused on engaging diverse cohorts of PLHIV who have not benefited equally from recent successes across the HIV care continuum and aimed to address the role of HIV health literacy in improving HIV-related health care and quality of life outcomes for all PLHIV in Australia.


The legacy of the health literacy framework project is how NAPWHA engages with our members, and the establishment of three additional NAPWHA networks: the Positive Asian Network Australia (PANA), the Positive Latinx Australian Network (PLAN), and the Heterosexual Men’s Advocacy Network (HetMAN). These networks join the National Network of National Network of Women Living with HIV and Positive Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Network (PATSIN).

Finding Joy and Beyond Resilience

The Beyond Resilience Congress was Australia's first-ever virtual congress bringing together the body positive from across Australia in a three-hour Zoom webinar. Topics included how we support emerging leaders and build the capacity of the positive community to advocate for improved quality of life.

Finding Joy, held in a hybrid format (in-person and online) as part of the Members Forum. Over three hours, panellists explored what enables moments of joy and happiness that give us energy for life and focused on techniques for improving quality of life.

Home testing project

At the end of 2021, NAPWHA and QPP were successful in winning a grant to provide a national home HIV testing service. The home testing project will be a distribution service for up to 12,000 home HIV tests for up to 3000 individuals, free of charge to the consumer, posted to any address in Australia. People will be able to go to the website, register and automatically be sent two HIV home tests in one parcel – so that they can test either side of the window period. They’ll be prompted to re-order a second pack six month later if they forget. The home testing project will start taking orders early 2023.

QPP was a proud partner for the U=U Global Summit at AIDS 2022. The current partners and sponsors are listed in the graphic below.

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