2020 Wrap-up – Happy Holidays

Happy holidays everyone!

With this eventful year wrapping up, we would like to acknowledge the determination and courage demonstrated by everyone in our community. In these uncertain times, we have rallied together and have persevered to ensure that our community, and the whole of Queensland, could return to some sort of normality for the holiday season.

This year has provided many challenges for people in all walks of life. In the space of a few months, COVID-19 changed the way that we all live and interact. The agility exhibited by our community to adapt to these changes was amazing. Thanks to your cooperation and trust, QPP was able to continue providing our usual services through new (sometimes challenging) methods. Our social groups were a prime example of this, with facilitators and peer-navigators reacting quickly, setting up online social groups. More recently, the combined efforts of all Queenslanders in controlling the spread of COVID-19 meant that the World AIDS Day Candle Light Vigil in Brisbane was able to take place in the beautiful New Farm Park. This was a special day to honour all people with HIV, past and present, whose bravery and resilience guides us in the fight to challenge the stigma that still remains.

Despite the success we have had in Queensland with controlling the spread of COVID-19, it is important to stay vigilant throughout the holiday season. There will be crowds in certain spaces, and people will be having family gatherings and parties. Please remember to continue to physically distance when in crowds, and if this isn’t possible, you can always wear a mask. This is especially important if you are travelling for the holidays.

Also, we know that for some people the holiday season can be a stressful time, so please remember to look after your mental health and wellbeing. If you are feeling lonely or just need someone to talk to, Beyond Blue’s support services are available 24/7 throughout the holiday period. For more information and contact details, click here.

For additional supports, please follow the link below:


We hope that everyone has a great break over the next month and we will be back in the New Year ready to continue our work. There are exciting things on the horizon and we should all be proud of the way we have come together and supported each other throughout 2020.

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