How much is a life worth? – HIV Science as Art Editioned Print

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Camila Arce

Arjee Restar

How much is a life worth?

2023, Typographic print


Limited edition 50 art prints, 59 x 82cm, Printed on rag matte

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How much is a trans life worth?
In how many scientific investigations do trans people appear?

Throughout the history of the AIDS epidemic, trans and transsexual women have been stigmatized and discriminated against for living with HIV. In Argentina very few trans people occupy places in politics, science, universities and registered jobs. Decent work and labor rights remain the property of heterosexuals, whites and cis genders.

Jackeline is a survivor of the early AIDS epidemic. She remembers that when she was diagnosed at the age of 14, they told her to “go home and die.” Today she is 53 years old and occupies a position in the Ministry of Equality, Gender and Diversity of Santa Fe.

The gaps in discrimination, persecution and hate crimes for being trans and also living with HIV continue to be very large throughout the world.

It is not about better drugs or reductionist prevention policies. It is about recognition, rights and places of power occupied by trans, transvestite and transgender people.

“Nothing of us without us, our revenge is to be alive!”
“Nada de nosotras sin nosotras, nuestra venganza es estar vivas!”


Photography – Audiovisual

Camila was born in Argentina. She is 28 years old. She is currently finishing her degree in Social Work at the National University of Rosario. She is a territorial promoter in sexual and (non) reproductive health and in gender and sexual diversities. She was the national coordinator of the Argentine Network of Positive Youth and Adolescents (RAJAP) during the years 2016-2017 She uses writing as a means to talk about social issues.

She worked as an audiovisual producer for Visual AIDS’ “Day Without Art 2022”, creating an unpublished piece on Vertical Memory: a video poem about being born, growing up and living with HIV on the margins of the world, more precisely in Latin America. She is a fervent activist for the cure. She used photography as an instrument of social dialogue. Political militant.

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