HERE – HIV Science as Art Editioned Print

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Lucas Josué Núñez Saavedra

 Motshedisi Sebitloane


2023, Artist book, acid-free materials

Photography: Louis Lim, Loupe Imaging


Limited edition 50 art prints, 59 x84cm Printed on rag pearl

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This artist’s book presents a simple but profound exploration of two intertwined perspectives: one from an individual living with HIV, and another from a scientist immersed in HPV treatment research. It underscores the crucial importance of recognizing and investigating the intersection between HIV and HPV in scientific studies. Furthermore, it highlights the pressing need for more accessible, less costly treatments that can be utilized by more people, thereby extending care to those who are most vulnerable. Through a compelling combination of personal narrative and scientific exploration, the book offers a unique look at the human and scientific aspects of these interconnected health issues, while advocating for greater accessibility and affordability in treatment.


Multidisciplinary artist

Lucas J. Núñez Saavedra is a non-binary designer, visual artist, researcher, and activist from Iquique, Chile. They participate in the Circle of Students Living with HIV (CEVVIH) in Santiago, Chile, as Communications and Design Coordinator, works as Coordinator of the RIZOMA project representing the Network of Positive Youth of Latin America and the Hispanic Caribbean (J+LAC), and is also the Marketing Coordinator of Latin America and the Caribbean Bureau of AHF.

Their main areas of interest are grief processes, the socialization of pain, and the impact of media representations and discourses on HIV/AIDS on the emotions of young people living with HIV.

Although they started with painting, their search has led them to explore other mediums such as contemporary jewelry, weaving and textiles, the intervention of brochures from ARVS, and artists’ books.

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