Hide and go seek – HIV Science as Art Editioned Print

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Ya-Chi Ho

Hide and go seek

2023, Rollerball pens on silk paper


Photography: Louis Lim, Loupe Imaging

Limited edition 50 art prints, 65 x 76cm, Printed on rag matte

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What prevents us from developing an effective HIV cure strategy?

Viral RNA “Reverse transcription ” CDNA (Complementary DNA) ” Double stranded DNA ” Provirus
” Chromosomal DNA” Integration

Challenge: Understanding HIV persistence is challenging because of the heterogeneity and rarity of HIV-infected cells.
“It’s one in a million problem”

Solution: using single-cell transcriptome approaches to capture the heterogenous and rare HIV-infected cells.
HIV-1-infected cytotoxic CD4+ T cells are shielded from cytotoxic CD8+ T cell killing through granzyme B inhibitor Serpin B9.

(Granzyme B (GrB) is one of the serine protease granzymes most commonly found in the granules of natural killer cells (NK cells) and cytotoxic T cells.
It is secreted by these cells along with the pore forming protein perforin to mediate apoptosis in target cells. Serpin B9 granzyme B inhibitor) shield the cell from self-inflicted granzyme B killings.

Single-cell multiomics builds the high dimensional, high resolution map for mechanistic understanding and therapeutic interventions.

– Ya-Chi Ho, MD, PhD.

These HIV-1 hidden in cytotoxic CD4+ T Cells are as difficult to find as black holes in the vast universe, and when these HIV-1 hidden in cytotoxic CD4+ T Cells are found, these HIV-1 are shielded from cytotoxic CD8+ T cell killing through granzyme B inhibitor Serpin B9, we can’t kill these HIV-1, and clones of these HIV-1-infected cells continue to expand. This kind of presentation is like the event horizon around a black hole. We still can’t understand it and need more in-depth scientific research!



I’m Paco from Taiwan. I’m a naive artist, specializing in imaginative, non-figurative and stream-of-consciousness paintings. I love meditation, literature, movies, the mysteries and exploring uncharted territory of my life.

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