Climbing up that Hill – A Depression and Anxiety Herbal Medicine Study

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Are you interested in herbal medicine for health?

An approved herbal medicine study by the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) – Australian Research Centre of Complementary & Integrative Medicine (ARCCIM), in conjunction with the Endeavour College of Natural Health (ECHN) is being conducted from within Herbs on the Hill (Naturopathic and Herbal Clinic) in Brisbane.

Who is the study for?  Anyone with diagnosed or undiagnosed depression or anxiety is welcome to join the study.  You may be taking existing medications for these conditions prescribed by your doctor, or not.  If taking existing medications, you are encouraged to continue taking them as prescribed by your doctor.

What does the study involve?  Firstly, all naturopathic practitioners involved in the study will choose herbs based upon your individual and wholistic health needs, so no two study participants will necessarily be taking the same herbs.  Any herbal contraindications or interactions with any existing medications you may be taking (including your HIV antiretroviral medications) will be assessed by the study’s Naturopaths.  The herbs prescribed in the study will be provided FREE as part of your participation in the study.  You will be asked to complete a number of short standardised questionnaires to measure depression or anxiety as part of your participation in the study.

How long will the study take?  The study is intended to go for 2 years, but each participant in the study will be seen at the clinic study site for 6 weeks only, over 3 visits to the naturopathic clinic.

Are there any costs associated with the study?  Yes.  Although the herbs for the study are free, the first initial consultation fee is $120.  The second and third site visit for the study will be $70. Total outlay = $260.  If you have private health cover extras for natural therapy, then your costs will be reduced (contact your health fund for details of any refund available under your level of cover).

For more information or to register your interest please phone:

Phone: (07) 3166 1549

David Casteleijn (Naturopath & Herbalist)

Herbs on The Hill

Suite 15c/40 Annerley Rd (second floor, Taylor Medical Specialists Centre)

Woolloongabba 4102


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