• Treatment Updates & Newsletter
  • Treatment Updates & Newsletter
  • Treatment Updates & Newsletter

Treatment Updates & Newsletter

QPP PLUS June 2017

Dolutegrvir Monotherapy Fails to Maintain Viral Suppression, but Studies are Ongoing for Dlutegravir Dual (2 Drug) Therapy

FDA Approves New Once-Daily HIV Med Isentress HD

Looking For a Needle and Syringe Program?

A New Integrase Inhibitor

Finding Emotional and Mental Wellbeing


T2TQ Study

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QPP PLUS May 2017

Odefsey – A New Triple Combination Pill

Could Vaping Help you Quit Smoking?

Updated Cervical Cancer Guidelines for Women

CROI 2017: Higher than Expected HCV Prevalence Among HIV- Gay Men in Amsterdam PrEP Program

Health Consumers Queensland Annual Forum


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QPP PLUS April 2017

PLUS April 2017 (2)

A Look into the Grey Zone: Ageing with HIV

Give the Flu the Flick

Positively Quitting

CROI 2017: Bone Density Improves in People who Switch from Tenofvir DF to Tenofovir Alafenamide

Long Acting HIV Treatment: 5 Myths and Realities


PoZQoL Survey

THRiVe Study

T2TQ Study

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QPP PLUS March 2017

What is the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)-How does it apply to PLHIV- (3)

What is the National Disability Insurance Scheme?

What is safe sex now? Does it include undetectable viral load and PrEP?

New Long Acting HIV Drug Class on the Horizon – Capsid Inhibitors

Doravirine – a new NNRTI (Non-Nuke) option on the horizon

Bictegravir – A new Integrase Inhibitor in the pipeline

Stamp Out Syphilis

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QPP PLUS February 2017

February 2017

Have Control – Navigate Your Journey Living with HIV with Us

There is a light that never goes out / LOVE POSITIVE WOMEN 

HIV self-testing in Queensland

Positively Quitting

Aged Care Reforms

Stamp Out Syphilis

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QPP PLUS January 2017

Januray 2017 

RAPID Clinic

 How to access dental services in QLD

 Annual Increase in PBS prescription co-payments and safety net thresholds

 10th Anniversary of the HOPE Fund

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QPP PLUS December 2016

December 2016

QPP Treatment Update (Jan – Mar 2016)

Genvoya approved on the PBS

Evotaz (with cobicistat booster) approved on the PBS

The Swiss Statement – 8 years later

Syphilis is on the Rise

Spotlight on GHB

Moderate alcohol intake may be harmful to people with HIV

Get into Exercise

New Hepatitis C Treatments – listed on the PBS

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Study Shows Zinc strengthens Immunity in Older People

Websites of the Season

QPP Treatment Update (Oct – Dec 2015)

Revolutionary New WHO Guidelines command world access to early HIV treatment and PrEP

PREZCOBIX™ – Darunavir + cobicistat (booster) – Now TGA Approved In Australia

New Hepatitis C (HCV) Treatments – Update from the ASHM Conference (Brisbane Sept 2015)

Tenofovir alafenamide Combination Pill (Genvoya®) – A New Version of Stribild Nearing US Approval

HIV Treatment ‘booster drugs’ are the most likely to have dangerous interactions with recreational/illicit drugs

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QPP Treatment Update (Jul – Sept 2015)

8th IAS Conference 2015 Consensus Statement Calls for Early Access to Treatment and PrEP Worldwide

Danish study raises questions about HIV accelerated ageing

Several new combination pills announced:

Darunavir + cobicistat + FTC + TAF

New TAF containing Eviplera (rilprivirine + FTC + TAF)

Stribild II – “Son of Stribild”

Darunavir + cobicistat (booster) – PREZCOBIX™

Shifting Sands – Changing Treatment Guidelines

Doravirine an investigational new NNRTI v’s Efavirenz

QPP Treatment Update (Apr – Jun 2015)

Gilead Requests Approval for Tenofovir Alafenamide (TAF) in new dual combination pill

START Study Stopped

Hepatitis C Direct Acting Antivirals (DAAs) receive positive recommendation by PBAC

Still more Hep C Treatments in The Pipeline: Investigational fixed-dose combination will be second on the market if approved

Heavy Alcohol Use Is Strongest Predictor of Liver Damage and Death in French Hepatitis C Patients

EASL 2015: New European Guidelines Prioritise Interferon-Free Hepatitis C Treatment

QPP Treatment Update (Jan-Mar 2015)

TRIUMEQ – The first single tablet regimen (STR) that contains dolutegravir

UNAIDS welcomes further evidence of the efficacy of antiretroviral medicines in preventing new HIV infections

Commentary on CROI 2015 PrEP studies

No HIV transmissions from HIV-positive partner seen in Australian gay couples study

New Tenofovir formulation (TAF) equally effective but better for kidneys and bones than current formulation (TDF)