Stories of HIV+ People

The use of oral tradition has a rich history on our cultured, Indigenous land.  At QPP, a writer’s club published their personal journey with HIV in a book published in 2013 – a book by people living with HIV, about living with HIV.  These creative works are acknowledged respectfully by QPP Executive Officer Simon O’Connor’s introductory remarks for the book Positive, Is That Good?:

Positive Is That Good title pageOur rich and diverse Aboriginal cultures throughout Australia have understood the power and benefits of storytelling for thousands of years. Despite their excellent examples, I still don’t believe that enough attention is paid to the incredible value that storytelling bestows upon us.

Storytelling is a unique and engaging way to pass on information which helps all of us to understand and appreciate an opulent tapestry of wisdom and the lived experiences of others. The sharing of this knowledge is vital to our ongoing existence and to the generation of new knowledge that will take us into the future with greater awareness and enhanced insights and perspectives.

Storytelling also helps to break down stigma and discrimination by challenging those who would flippantly stereotype us into something we are not. Consequently, while storytelling can put a meaningful personal face on a range of issues, it often also requires great courage on the part of the storyteller – who may feel quite nervous and vulnerable during the telling of their story.

Therefore, I am extremely proud of the people who have had the courage to share their very personal stories with you in this resource. I would like to thank the authors for the special gift they have given us and I commend these stories to you without reservation. I sincerely hope you find them thought provoking and that you feel enriched after reading them.

Simon O’Connor
Previous QPP Executive Officer 

You can contact QPP to order your free copy, or you can read online now using our easy to use online book reader below.  If you’re interested in joining the PLHIV writing club, or contributing your story, QPP values contributions from diverse communities.