Become a Speaker

qpsbThe Queensland Positive Speakers Bureau welcomes new people to join our vibrant and diverse team. To become a speaker with the Bureau, you must have been diagnosed with HIV, hepatitis B and/or hepatitis C.

Formal intakes of new speakers occur several times a year and include:

  • Informal interview with a QPSB staff member
  • Information and training sessions
  • Provision of QPSB induction package
  • Provision of the latest information on medical, statistical and social issues pertaining to HIV/viral hepatitis
  • The opportunity to attend educational sessions conducted by established QPSB speakers


The QPSB conducts regular innovative training sessions and workshops for its speakers. We believe that it is important to equip speakers with all of the latest information pertaining to HIV and/or viral hepatitis, maintain high professional standards in public speaking and provide speakers with opportunities for professional and personal development. The Bureau therefore provides all speakers with regular training, mentoring, access to resources and emotional support.

The aim of the training is to provide speakers with:

  • Professional and personal development opportunities
  • A full range of techniques to ensure each speaker reaches a high professional calibur
  • Opportunities to learn from and share experiences with fellow speakers
  • A supportive and inclusive network
  • A comprehensive range of educational resources – including the latest information on medical, statistical and social issues


QPSB personnel respect all speakers’ right to privacy.  Once private information is shared, standards of confidentiality apply.  QPSB abides by all relevant privacy laws.

It must be noted that as a matter of course, the HIV or hepatitis status of a speaker of the Bureau may necessarily be divulged in appropriate situations. Speakers should be aware that QPSB cannot guarantee that all attendees at speaking engagements will honour confidentiality and agree to share personal information at their own discretion.

If you would like to enquire about becoming a QPSB speaker, please call us toll free from a land-line on 1800 636 241, email or call (07) 3013 5509 (nationally).