When it comes to taking Medication

When it comes to taking Medication

When it comes to taking Medication. When do you start, or when not to start. This is a decision that needs to be an educated and supported one, and I believe is also an individual one.

Ask your HIV Doctor all the questions you have. There is no wrong question, At the time of my diagnosis, this was just under, 5 years ago, 2011. The thought of dealing with a regimented regime of Medication could not even be a consideration.

A support team is what I found to be of more help and benefit, at this time. My support consisted of Doctor’s, GP and HIV, Counseling and QPP – Poz Directions. My CD4 and VL numbers were not in a critical position. My reservations of being on Med’s were part stigma, and part the unknown side effects.

Your world has just been rocked, with this comes a form of grieving, and in the steps of grieving is denial, to mention just one of many emotions you will go through, taking the meds is a constant reminder.

Monitoring your condition is needed to track your progression; my choice was every three months. July 2015 after a slow but consisted change in my numbers; CD4 380 VL 106037, I decided to start Medication, I believe this was important for me to make the decision, with all the information needed and being in a good head space, it was time.

I was tested 5 weeks after starting the Medication, results CD4 530 VL < 40. The only side effects that I experienced was a slight nausea during the day, I changed to taking the Medication to night’s, and this helped with the nausea.

I cant stress enough how much my support team was part of me getting to a position of strength to be back in control, when up till this time I have been a passenger in my Journey.