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A life lived in Fear is a life half lived

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On Wednesday 24 April 2002 at 7.30am I got a call from my doctor saying the blood test had come back and that he had to see me. I said to him “It’s positive isn’t it? Otherwise you wouldn’t call me.” To which he replied “Yes but I’m not supposed to tell you that on the phone.” I went in at 11.30am to see him and he told me that I was HIV+. He gave me the phone number of the AIDS Medical Unit and told me... Read more

When it comes to taking Medication

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When it comes to taking Medication. When do you start, or when not to start. This is a decision that needs to be an educated and supported one, and I believe is also an individual one. Ask your HIV Doctor all the questions you have. There is no wrong question, At the time of my diagnosis, this was just under, 5 years ago, 2011. The thought of dealing with a regimented regime of Medication could not even be a... Read more

The Pills Are Alive

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I was living in Auckland, NZ when I was diagnosed with HIV in the mid 90s and the prognosis was still, even then, pretty much terminal. AZT was the only treatment prospect and it’s toxicity seemed at least as problematic as HIV itself. The trick seemed to be a balancing act – measuring the decline of CD4s against the arrival of much better medication. When my CD4s finally went below 350 and I began to develop... Read more