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Life goes on…

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I have been HIV positive for 17 years after an unprotected casual sexual encounter when I as 24 years of age and had been sexually active for less than a year. At the time I was devastated and scared and did not know anything about HIV. I lived in a regional area and was disconnected from anyone in the LGBTI community. When I was diagnosed it literally felt like a kick in the guts. I was fortunate to receive the love and... Read more

On Purpose, the Return of Passion

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When I was first diagnosed early September in 2007 I was 21. I was petrified of medication as my best friend was on medication and I watched him struggle with side effects which would make him house bound due to the unpredictable nature of what he was going through. I was diagnosed whilst on PEP. The first and only time I had taken some responsibility for my impulsive sexual behaviour and I got the call back and the... Read more