Affordable Gift Ideas

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Getting unique and thoughtful presents for everyone can be hard, so here are 5 DIY and 10 Mix and Match ideas to give to anyone in your life.


  1. Bath bombs
    There is nothing like getting into a fresh and fun bath of colourful water. If the person don’t have a bathtub try a Shower Steamer, just leave it at the bottom of the shower and let it diffuse essential oils into your shower.
  2. Candied Popcorn
    This is a perfect snack for anyone and makes a great last minute gift. Just whip up a batch, put it in a transparent bag or a colourful box (both almost any cheap store) and done!
  3. Sugar Cookies
    Sugar cookies are so quick, easy and fun to make. For an added fun twist, split your dough in half, add food dye to one piece dough and roll it out with the other to get a marbled dough effect.
  4. Body Scrub
    Another great option for those last minute gifts!
  5. Cozy Cup Holder
    The perfect solution for a too-hot mug off tea on Boxing Day morning is a cup holder!

Mix and Match
These gifts can be given individually or pick and choose a few to give

  1. Slippers or Thongs
  2. Candles
  3. Fun Drink Cooler
  4. A pouch to keep your mobile phone in when you are exercising.
  5. Board Game
  6. Paperback Book & a book Mark
  7. Chocolate
  8. New mug filled with lollies
  9. Playing cards
  10. Toiletry or Shaving Kit