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Diabetes, COVID-19 and People with HIV

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Diabetes In recent weeks, we have discussed the topic of the most common comorbidities for people with HIV. Diabetes is one of these conditions and having diabetes places you at moderate risk of severe illness from COVID-19. Most diabetes is either classified as type 1 or type 2 - there are also rare genetic diabetic syndromes. Type 1 diabetes is usually diagnosed during childhood. Type 2 diabetes can develop later... Read more

Affordable Gift Ideas

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Getting unique and thoughtful presents for everyone can be hard, so here are 5 DIY and 10 Mix and Match ideas to give to anyone in your life. DIY Bath bombs There is nothing like getting into a fresh and fun bath of colourful water. If the person don't have a bathtub try a Shower Steamer, just leave it at the bottom of the shower and let it diffuse essential oils into your shower. Candied Popcorn This is a... Read more

Health Care and Self Care

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The Festive Season is upon us, and this means that many health and medical services may be shutting their doors for the New Year and Christmas period. This may mean your GP, HIV clinic and pharmacy where you collect your medicine could be unavailable, and it’s important to have a plan for your health care during that time. This could mean calling any services you routinely use to find out their closure dates, having... Read more

15 Things To Do If You Don’t Do Christmas

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In 1997 the widely popular sitcom Seinfeld brought us Festivus [for the rest of us], which TV critic Dan Salkin describes as "the perfect secular theme for an all-inclusive December gathering". But whether you enjoy a traditional Festivus dinner or not, here are 15 things to keep you and your friends in a joyous mood. Glue things to other things until you're happy with how it looks and hang it on your wall; macaroni... Read more

Alcohol, Parties and You

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Alcohol is a part of life for many people, and moderation is the key to a healthy life.  The Guidelines, for both men and women, recommend: No more than ten (10) standard drinks per week, to reduce the lifetime risk of harm from alcohol-related disease or injury; and No more than four (4) standard drinks on a single occasion, to reduce the risk of alcohol -related injury arising from that occasion. It is... Read more

Stress Less Holidays

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Self-care is important all of the time, but it is particularly important in stressful periods such as the festive season where added obligations and commitments may seem over-bearing on you.  Remember that your mental health is more important than any sense of obligation and stress you may feel about any ‘celebrations’ and ‘get-togethers’ with others. Set boundaries and avoid high stress situations Setting... Read more

HIV Disclosure Guide

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This guide contains the relevant law on disclosure of HIV status as it applies in Queensland as at June . It contains information on when to disclose in relation to employment, insurance, sex & relationships and more. It has been prepared by the HIV/AIDS Legal Centre (HALC) in partnership with, and funded by Queensland Positive People (QPP).