• Where to go for rapid HIV testing
  • Where to go for rapid HIV testing
  • Where to go for rapid HIV testing

Where to go for rapid HIV testing

RAPID is currently closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak

Rapid HIV testing is a new, on the spot screening test for HIV that will give you your results in only 20 minutes.  All that’s required is a small drop of blood taken from your fingertip.

Rapid HIV testing is undertaken in a confidential, non-judgmental environment where you will have the opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have relating to your sex life.

Why do I want to know my HIV status?

It’s in your best health interest to know your HIV status because early diagnosis allows you to make informed decisions about your own health so you can actively prevent disease progression.  There have been so many advances made in treatment options over the last few years, that treating HIV has never been so easy.  Whether you are positive or negative, knowing your HIV status gives you control over your own health.

What are the Benefits of Rapid HIV Testing?

  • Quicker – Rapid HIV testing will give you results within 20mins.
  • More Convenient – It is currently available at your local sexual health clinic and a growing number of community testing clinics
  • Removes the anxious wait – No more waiting, means no more anxiety
  • Improves long term health – Early diagnosis of HIV is important in order to manage and prevent disease progression. HIV is different now – and being diagnosed early changes everything for the better.

Do you need to let your sex partners know you have tested positive for an STI?

If you’ve been diagnosed with an STI recently and don’t know how to tell your sex partners, you have a few options to let them know anonymously.  You can make it really easy by going to Let Them Know or another similar service targeting gay men, The Drama Down Under.

Instead of having an awkward conversation in person or by text, you can send an anonymous message to all your recent sex partners to let them know they should go get a test.  Remember, letting them know they may have an STI is really important for their health, and yours, because many STIs can be passed back and forth, and having an STI makes you more vulnerable to HIV.

To find out more details about rapid HIV testing, you can speak to our Community HIV Education and Prevention team toll free from a land-line on 1800 636 241, use the contact form provided or call (07) 3013 5555 (nationally).