What we’ll talk about together

The HIV Peer Navigation program is based on providing both information and emotional support if needed. The information component includes 5 ‘core modules’ and 5 ‘elective modules’ aimed at increasing your understanding of HIV and related issues. The delivery of these education modules occur over 4 to 5 sessions.

The core module topics are:

i. HIV 101 – understanding HIV transmission, replication, progression and the typical clinical markers (CD4, Viral Load, and other health markers)

ii. Working with your treating team – understanding the importance of selecting a treating team that you feel comfortable with, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, support workers and peer workers.

iii. HIV treatments – understanding the benefits and potential consequences of HIV treatments; and what it means to use HIV ‘Treatment-as- Prevention’ to achieve an ‘undetectable viral load’.

iv. Disclosure tips – how to tell those you care about that you have been diagnosed HIV positive; and some situations where the law requires you to disclose your HIV status.

v. Mental health & maintaining resilience – understanding that you are not alone, your feelings are normal, you can build resilience and reach out for help. Also, leaving anxiety & depression untreated can affect your health and well-being.

The other module topics are:

i. Legal Protections & other issues

ii. Alcohol, drugs & tobacco (& HIV)

iii. STI’s (& HIV)

iv. Building a healthy lifestyle

v. Medicare Ineligible