New Combined Single Tablet Regimen (STR) Stribild Launched in Australia

STRIBILD® (formerly known as “QUAD”) is now approved in Australia. Stribold image for Blog - P Watts 12.05.14This is the third* available Single Tablet Regimen (STR) taken as one pill, once daily.

Stribild comprises elvitegravir (a new Integrase Inhibitor) + Truvada (tenofovir & emtricitabine/FTC) + cobicistat (a new booster drug, alternative to ritonavir boosting historically used in other combinations).

Whilst the term “Quad” and the 4 drug components seems like a 4 drug pill, it’s really only 3 drugs active against HIV, since the 4th drug – cobicistat – is included as a booster drug only, to keep the elvitegravir levels up in the blood at sufficient levels to keep HIV at bay.

Stribild has demonstrated non-inferiority to Atripla (Truvada + efavirenz -which was the first* STR), meaning that it works just as well as Atripla. Stribild has also been shown to be non-inferior to ritonavir boosted atazanavir (a Protease Inhibitor) as part of first-line treatment combination.

* Eviplera (containing Truvada + rilpivirine) was the second STR to become available.

Stribild is expected to be listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) for the patient cost subsidy from 1st May 2014. Once this occurs, it can be prescribed for people first starting treatment.

Stribild is less likely to give you nightmares (as occurs with Atripla with efavirenz), and so this equates to less neurological impact. Compared to Atripla, Stribild trials have demonstrated less neurological and psychiatric events (149 [42.8%] vs. 220 [62.5%]); and less rash (59 [17%] vs. 98 [27.8%]). However, Stribild is just as effective as Atripla and also Truvada plus Reyataz (atazanavir) combination.

Ask your doctor whether Stribild is right for you versus other treatment options – there are also other new treatments available than those mentioned here. Additionally, feel free to contact QPP for more information on possible treatment options or more information about Stribild.

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