• Living with HIV & Staying Healthy
  • Living with HIV & Staying Healthy
  • Living with HIV & Staying Healthy

Living with HIV & Staying Healthy

Living with HIV has changed significantly over the years.  And if you’ve been diagnosed with HIV, you are not alone in Queensland.  At QPP we strive to meet the needs of any person living with HIV by providing:

  • Peer support (talking to someone about being HIV positive)
  • Assistance for people newly diagnosed, or only talking about it for the first time
  • Advocacy, including coordinated governmental approaches to address access barriers to treatment
  • Treatment support
  • Education regarding HIV prevention

With an early diagnosis, and access to the right to consider HIV treatment, most people live an entirely normal life with some rather uneventful visits to an HIV specialist for monitoring of blood and any side effects of treatment.

For other people, who may have been living with HIV a long time, some medical problems may exist as a result of early treatment side effects, or living for long periods of time with a high level of virus in their blood.  Every individual is unique, and our team at QPP can assist people to deal with their personal situation.

QPP hold informative events periodically through the year on a range of topics to give PLHIV access to the most up to date information, in order to empower them to participate actively in their health management.  These groups include the newly diagnosed sessions, treatment evenings and dietary information sessions.  We also coordinate constructive forums and discussion groups on particular topics throughout the year that give both QPP and participants a chance to really understand what is happening in the HIV community.

Please read more about our programs online, or call toll free from a Queensland land-line on 1800 636 441 (call 07 3013 5555 nationally) or use our contact form provided to speak to one of our knowledgeable and friendly staff.

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Accessing Dental Services in Queensland

QPP have produced this new resource fact sheet to assist and guide eligible people (with a Concession Card or Low Income Card) to access Queensland public oral health services, for emergency and routine dental care.  The resource also provides options and information for those PLHIV who are ineligible for public oral health services to access greater dental-care.  The fact sheet was produced with the support of the Queensland Health Oral Health Unit.