It’s time to talk about HIV

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So much has changed in the treatment of HIV in the last few years that you may be surprised to realise that HIV is now a chronic manageable condition. It may be hard to believe, but the stigma associated with HIV, as a consequence of years of negative publicity, is the biggest barrier we have to preventing transmission.

Queensland Positive People (QPP) would like to begin a movement that will breakdown the stigma associated with HIV and begin talking about HIV. Talking about HIV creates an inclusive environment built on facts, understanding and respect. For too long, conversations about HIV have been based on fear – fear perpetuated by the media and a fear of the unknown. With major advances in HIV treatments now being matched by advances in HIV testing, we are able to utilise science to prevent transmission and overcome these unfounded fears.

It is often reported that fear of receiving a positive result stops people from having an HIV test. A positive result is nothing to fear as knowing your status will only improve long-term health outcomes by providing access to treatment options. By talking about HIV, we can take steps to remove the fear of a positive result, remove the fear of testing, remove the fear of the unknown, and also remove the fear felt by people in your life living with HIV from disclosing their status to you.

QPP would like you to join with us in talking about HIV by celebrating the launch of a series of short films that provide the tools to support people to talk about HIV. On Thursday 28 November, you can listen to the diverse stories that address the lived experience of people living with and affected by HIV. The premiere will take place at the QPP office in East Brisbane, call 1800 636 241 for more details and RSVP to