Introducing QPP’s new program Life+

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With the commencement of a new year, 2016 also heralds new services and a new look
for Queensland Positive People (QPP).

At the heart of QPP’s exciting expansion over the next eighteen months is the dynamic new Life+ program, made possible by funding from Queensland Health and private industry including ViiV Healthcare. The current climate for HIV services in Australia is one of optimistic enthusiasm given recent advances in treatmentand prevention as we look to the virtual elimination of HIV transmission and the highest quality of life opportunities for PLHIV to date. Amidst this climate, the coming months will be an exciting time of development and recruitment for QPP wherein a multi-disciplinary team will collaboratively oversee a suite of integrated services known as Life+:

Treatment and Support Services: a holistic approach to source opportunities that assist
PLHIV with initiation and adherence to treatment by overcoming access and maintenance

Peer Navigation: a service built from a diverse group of PLHIV working to assist those
newly diagnosed with HIV and those re-engaging with care. This geographically dispersed
team will provide support to navigate the complex environment of HIV care and treatment
across all of Queensland.

Stigma and Discrimination Services: for PLHIV who experience prejudice or shame, or
other HIV-related legal difficulties affecting their quality of life.

Information and Resources: for the wider PLHIV community to access timely,
evidence-based knowledge that promotes population-level health and well-being.

These four complementary pillars of Life+ will facilitate a universal approach to allow an
individual to self-manage their HIV with the best resources at their disposal.

QPP President Mark Counter describes Life+ as “a ground-breaking resource for PLHIV,
driven by those who are dedicated to the amazing goals of what can be achieved in
Queensland”. This sentiment was echoed by NAPWHA President Cipri Martinez who
described a “visionary focus for PLHIV services in Queensland which NAPWHA looks
forward to collaborating with”.

Life+, together with the RAPID peer-led HIV testing clinic, encompass prevention and
outreach, health and social services, and self-empowerment opportunities for those living
with and affected by HIV in Queensland. The RAPID service is in partnership with the
HIV Foundation QLD who supports the operation of RAPID with additional funding and
resources because both organisations aim to support the early identification of HIV. QPP
has also adopted a bold new logo to appropriately highlight this exciting new direction in
service provision.

2016 is set to be a year of reinvigoration for HIV services in Queensland, and QPP is
looking forward to supporting our highly valued clients, members and partners with our
diverse, inclusive and innovative services.


For more information, please contact QPP Life+ Program Manager, Chris Howard on 07 3013 5555 or 0455 725 207.