International Women’s Day

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QPP’s FIRST inaugural International Women’s Day (IWD) event was held at the State Resource Centre in East Brisbane on Saturday 9 March and was supported by over 30 women on the day.  The aim of the day was to include women in our program’s support and encourage them to share experiences and support each other in a private and protected space.  It was also a chance for QPP to demonstrate our services and consideration for specific needs of women living with HIV.

The global theme for International Women’s Day  2013, “The Gender Agenda – Gaining Momentum”, was very appropriate to QPP’s objective regarding increased opportunities to empower positive women in 2013, following on from the stimulating women’s conference held on the Sunshine Coast in November in 2012.

The day was favourable to link other services and organisations including the HAART to Heart program facilitated by Positive Directions and QPP, Queensland Positive Speakers Bureau, the Soroptimist International Moreton North Inc. and MAC Cosmetics and we were overwhelmed at everyone’s contribution, generosity and inspiration.

The outcome from many heartfelt responses received after the event was that it was a fun and special day that enabled ongoing connections with each other and to QPP.  Many participants expressed their thoughts and ideas for future events and activities they would like to see held at QPP, reflecting the messages and findings from the women’s conference.