Information For People Ordering Online Generic HIV Treatments

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SONY DSCHIV generic drug online ordering companies can dispense and ship HIV medications to people who have no local HIV medication access through the Australian Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) – which provides subsidised treatment to Medicare card holders only. Whilst generic HIV drugs ordered online are dearer than PBS subsidised drugs, they are a high cost saving compared to the full purchase cost of brand HIV drugs.

The following online companies are sources for HIV generic drugs that can be ordered and shipped to Australia.  To order you must have a local or relevant medical prescription slip, which can be obtained by consulting a local Australian HIV doctor who can monitor your clinical care as required.  Generally these online companies ship orders within 28 days, so please allow sufficient time to place your order and to receive it in accordance with their stated shipping times, before your current supply script runs out – as HIV treatment should not be interrupted and your pills need to be taken every day as prescribed by your doctor.

Ensure you set up your own personal login and ordering account with the online company you choose to order from, and monitor any correspondence received from them.  Also it is important that you receive a “tracking number” when you place your order and make your purchase – this number allows you to follow the progress of the shipping to your stated destination receiving address.  Communication with your chosen online supplier is your full responsibility.  You should clarify with your clinic the corresponding generic drug names when placing your order to ensure medication ordering errors are not made.  Your prescription provided to the online company will also assist to ensure against medication ordering errors. We, at QPP, can help with general guidance and discussion ONLY regarding how to set up an account and place an order, but we cannot verify your specific medication orders – only your clinic who issued your prescription can do that.

Aside from ordering generic drugs online, you can also consider personally importing your HIV treatments from your home country, if there is an allowance within your home country to ship your medications to you whilst you are residing in Australia, and that to do so would be more affordable than ordering generic medications online.  This option may involve requesting a communication link between your overseas HIV doctor (if you have one) and a local HIV doctor here.  You are legally allowed to import your own personal medications – 3 month’s supply at a time – in accordance with the following guide by the Australian Department of Health (Therapeutic Goods Administration – TGA):

For people seeking Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) treatment that may have been prescribed “off-label” by their doctor, please visit the following link which provides instructions as to how to discuss your need for treatment with your doctor as well as order PrEP treatment online.  The recommended treatment is Truvada, known as “Tenvir EM” as a generic medicine online:  Fact Sheet – PrEP Access Options

Should you have further enquiries please contact your online supplier, local HIV clinic, or call us at QPP on 07 3013 5555 or 1800 636 241.