Are you looking for work right now? Check out who’s hiring

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This is an uncertain time for many within the community, especially in regard to finding employment. JobSearch breaks down the current situation for job seekers and explains how this is being addressed by Government. You can find links to information about income support payments and other supports here.

If you are still looked for a job, there are still a lot of businesses and organisations that are currently hiring and you can find them here.

Additionally, you may be able to find employment through one of the following organisations:

Coles has a large number (about 5000) of jobs vacant across Australia  – shelf stackers, entry level customer service.

The Queensland Ambulance Service is also hiring….  Please see this site for details

There are a large number of Queensland Government jobs 

Diversicare has a few job vacancies posted… please note some of them are volunteer so please read each advertisement carefully.  For each vacancy posted there is a link to further information.

Aldi is also looking for staff across all of its stores.

There is an expected need for more than 5000 Centrelink workers to handle the flood of unemployment applications. This link is the CURRENT VACANCIES – TEMPORARY EMPLOYMENT REGISTER  which has online applications.

This link has the listing of categories of jobs (Note the Current Vacancies register link is also on this page)