Women’s Networking Zone at IAC!

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prevention2The Women’s Networking Zone (WNZ) is a community-led forum running parallel to the International AIDS Conference (IAC), July 2014, Melbourne. The WNZ has grown into a vibrant, inclusive, and exciting space where community members, advocates, policy-analysts, decision-makers, service providers, and researchers share and learn. The WNZ promotes dialogue, forges new networks, raises the visibility of HIV, champions the leadership of women living with HIV (in particular young women and women from the local community), and promotes the global exchange of experiences, abilities, and knowledge. The WNZ has submitted an application for a Networking Zone in the Global Village at AIDS2014 and will receive confirmation regarding it in mid-April 2014. You can help us inform the work of the WNZ for AIDS2014 and take just three minutes to complete this short survey here.

For more information, visit their website www.womensnetworkingzone.org or  Facebook page www.facebook.com/womensnetworkingzoneAIDS2014. You can find more information on Twitter WNZ2014 and link to us using #WNZ2014

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