Rapid HIV Testing

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Rapid HIV testing has been available in Queensland since 2013. It is a test that allows someone to undertake an HIV test and receive their results in the same appointment. Queensland currently uses the Alere Determine test, which provides results in only 20 minutes. All that is required to complete this test is a small drop of blood that is taken from the fingertip, no needles are required. Rapid HIV testing is a great benefit to the community as it removes many barriers that previously stopped people from wanting to have an HIV test. Rapid HIV testing is more convenient for people as they will no longer have to return for a follow up appointment to receive a result, the tests are provided free of charge from all sexual health clinics, and there are a growing list of community testing sites – so you may not even need a doctor’s appointment, please see www.qpp.org.au/testing  for an updated list on where to get a rapid HIV test.  Also visit www.rapid.org.au