QPP’s Community Engagement and Consultation

Participant Information Sheet

You can shape the future of QPP as an organisation for people living with HIV. If you are a person living with HIV in Queensland, or help support people living with HIV in Queensland, please complete our short questionnaire to explore better ways to understand and support your needs. If you prefer to be interviewed, please call us at 07 3013 5555 or send us an email at info@qpp.org.au.

The team at Queensland Positive People want to make sure your voices are heard, and that we connect better with the community in Queensland. Follow our Facebook to participate in the upcoming Community Forums as well.

Who is Queensland Positive People (QPP)?

Queensland Positive People (QPP) is a peer-based organisation for people living with HIV that has existed since 1989. As a peer-based organisation, Queensland Positive People (QPP) has been built on individual, peer and community relationships. QPP values the centrality of the positive voice and the importance of the lived experience of HIV.

What is the community engagement about?

QPP’s Community Engagement programme is about exploring better ways to support HIV-positive people in Queensland. This information will contribute to QPP’s strategic direction by helping us understand how we connect with people living with HIV in Queensland and the individuals who support them together with  providing up to date and relevant information. This community engagement is part of the commitment to build and maintain QPP’s relationship with PLHIV community across Queensland into the future.

DISCLAIMER: QPP will put best efforts to turn the major findings from any community engagement project into use within our services. Due to the funding climate for non-government organisations in Australia, QPP is not able to guarantee any outcomes beyond identifying the unmet needs of PLHIV in Queensland.

What is QPP funded for?

From 2007 to 2014, QPP was primarily funded by Queensland Health, to provide the following services: support group, drop-in service, health promotion, and advocacy. However, most of these services are no longer funded under the current service contract.

From 2016 to 2021, the funding from Queensland Health, has changed. QPP is funded to provide treatment and care services for people living with HIV (PLHIV) including Peer Navigation, case management to support barriers to HIV treatment and care, legal navigation and referral for HIV-related stigma and discrimination cases. HIV prevention and testing services are also provided through peer point of care testing for people at risk of HIV for HIV and STIs.

In this current service agreement, there is no longer funding for QPP to function as drop-in centres, although PLHIV are still welcome to drop in. Social groups are managed using self-generated funding through limited fundraising activities, and health promotion and advocacy projects are implemented using small grants from other sources.

Who is eligible to participate in the community engagement?

All people living with HIV in Queensland, people who support people living with HIV and the Queensland community are eligible to complete this questionnaire or be interviewed by a QPP’s staff member.

What will happen to participant’s information?

All information from the questionnaires and interviews will be collected and analysed anonymously. The data will be safely stored and managed on Survey Manager which is an Australian-based company. After five years, all data will be deleted from Survey Manager. All information collected is de-identified, anonymous, confidential and is bound by QPP’s Privacy & Confidentiality Policy, which is available for you to view at qpp.org.au/privacy-policy.

What is the complaint process regarding the consultation and/or QPP services?

Please send your feedback/complaint to feedback@qpp.org.au. Our team will contact you and progress your complaint according to QPP’s Complaint Policy and Procedure.

Who is the contact person if I have further questions or feedback regarding the consultation?

Please contact us 07 3013 5555 during business hours or send us an email at info@qpp.org.au.