COVID-19 Vaccine: What do we know?

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Many of you would have heard that two major pharmaceutical companies, Pfizer and Moderna, have announced that their COVID-19 vaccines are nearly ready for distribution. This is great news for everyone! However, there is some confusion around this latest announcement – this is largely relating to the wording used by major media outlets. Pfizer announced that their COVID-19 vaccine has “an efficacy rate above... Read more

Diabetes, COVID-19 and People with HIV

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Diabetes In recent weeks, we have discussed the topic of the most common comorbidities for people with HIV. Diabetes is one of these conditions and having diabetes places you at moderate risk of severe illness from COVID-19. Most diabetes is either classified as type 1 or type 2 - there are also rare genetic diabetic syndromes. Type 1 diabetes is usually diagnosed during childhood. Type 2 diabetes can develop later... Read more

Mental Health and Wellbeing

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Human beings are social creatures - we have a natural need to have a meaningful connection with others. Due to COVID-19, your ability to have or develop these connections may have been negatively impacted over the last few months. This may have meant you experienced increased loneliness, anxiety, and depression. With R U Okay Day and Mental Health Week taking place recently, the topic of mental wellbeing might be still... Read more

QPP Plus October 2020

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Spring has sprung and we are well into the Queensland heat now. You may have heard we're in a La Niña weather pattern this year, and while that does bring the prospect of cooler day times and more rainfall, it doesn't reduce the risk of heatstroke, stay hydrated and stay cool! Preparations are underway for the 2020 Annual General Meeting, if you missed the invitation or want to nominate... Read more

Cardiovascular Disease, COVID-19 and People with HIV

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People with co-morbidities are at an elevated risk of developing severe symptoms from COVID-19. This applies to both people with HIV and those without HIV. Cardiovascular disease is one of the more common comorbidities. The good news is there are some things you can do to minimise your risks associated with COVID-19, HIV, and CVD. You have probably heard of "cardiovascular disease" before, however, you may not know... Read more

2020 Annual General Meeting

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The 17th QPP Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held via Zoom Webinar at 5:30 pm on Wednesday 09 December 2020. Register to attend the AGM webinar here. Having trouble with attending? Visit here. Please note due to limited spaces, registrations from ordinary members will be preferenced over associate members, community, and staff. 2nd Notice of AGM 17th AGM Agenda 16th AGM Minutes 17th AGM Vote by Mail form If... Read more

QPP Plus August

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QPP is continuing to monitor closely the COVID-19 situation through our Public Health Management Team. We have needed to adjust how we deliver our services to communities we support to ensure client and staff safety. We would like to thank you for your understanding and flexibility at this time. COVID-19 cases have remained relatively low, however we all need to be vigilant to ensure individual and community... Read more

Face Masks – To Wear?

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Face masks have been a debated topic since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and our health officials didn’t make the messaging easy to understand. Wearing face masks may protect you from droplets (small drops) when a person with COVID-19 coughs, speaks or sneezes, and you are less than 1.5 metres away from them. Wearing a mask will also help protect others if you are infected with the virus, but do not have... Read more

COVID-19 Risks for people with HIV

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The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on the way we go through everyday life. From physical distancing to temporary lockdowns – the impacts are being felt by nearly everyone. For people with HIV, this new virus may have brought up a sense of déjà vu and may cause concerns for people about vulnerability to COVID19. However, the current research suggests that people with HIV with no comorbidities are at no... Read more

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