AGM Webinar Registration

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Due to confidentiality concerns, members wishing to attend the 2020 Annual General Meeting webinar must register.

Registration is open now!

Click here to register for the 2020 Annual General Meeting Webinar.

Visit out full instructions for support with accessing the webinar.

Spaces are limited, please register by 5.00 pm on Tuesday 08 December 2020.

Why won’t registration be available till the 9th?

This is QPP’s first webinar, and setting up for all the different needs can prove challenging. We’re more than up to the challenge but would rather give a slightly later date than let our community down.

Why is the AGM online this year?

Queensland is a huge state, and while the majority of our members live in the south-east corner, not everyone does. In 2019 we began planning for an online AGM – we finally had access to technology which allowed people to participate in the governance of QPP from wherever they are, but we didn’t have the time to roll it out. In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic has thrown many areas of life into disarray but has provided the opportunity and push to make our organisation even more inclusive and reach all over Queensland.

Will the AGM be in person too?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer in-person attendance this year. If you would like some help with getting into the webinar, please contact us on 1800 636 241 or email to arrange for a Peer Navigator to support you.