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Striking the right balance in the healthcare setting

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Active participation in healthcare leads to improved health outcomes. Research studies have indicated that consumers who understand their health conditions and who are actively involved in decisions about their own care are more likely to value treatment programs and have better health outcomes[1]. As PLHIV engage in life-long monitoring of their condition it is vital that they are supported to make informed... Read more

Will Australia repeal its only HIV specific law?

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That’s right, you heard it correctly - Victoria looks like it is going to repeal its HIV specific law in the next 12 months. This means Victoria will come into line with the practice of other states by using a general criminal approach to HIV transmission. In case you struggled to keep up with the all of the announcement and breaking news stories of AIDS 2014, here is a short wrap-up of what happened about section 19A... Read more

Delving Deeper into Discrimination Law

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One of the goals of the 2011 Political Declaration on HIV/AIDS was the elimination of stigma and discrimination against people living with and affected by HIV through promotion of laws and policies that ensure the full realisation of all human rights and fundamental freedoms. Discrimination Law is one of the formal legal mechanisms that aims to eliminate HIV discrimination and stigma. The key piece of discrimination... Read more

The treatment access riddle: Which comes first-the chicken or the egg?

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A little over a month ago, we posted a blog talking about the 2011 United Nations Political Declaration on HIV/AIDS and Australia's response to those commitments in the Melbourne Declaration. One of the action areas identified in the Melbourne Declaration is the uptake and access to treatment for PLHIV. The action area identified three goals necessary to improve treatment uptake and access: Enhance the scope for... Read more

Major PBS Barrier to HIV Treatment Lifted

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National Association of People with HIV Australia (NAPWHA) Media Release Tuesday 1 April 2014 Changes to Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) prescribing rules for HIV drugs, effective from today, will allow all Australians with HIV to start treatment as early as they choose. This follows a successful submission to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) by the Australasian Society for HIV Medicine... Read more

The International Political What? And what has that got to do with Melbourne?

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We have an enormous and significant 2 years for our community and HIV sector with Melbourne holding the International World Aids Conference (IAC) in July this year, the pending launch of our National HIV strategy and 2015 being the deadline for the commitments stated in the 2011 United Nations Political Declaration on HIV/AIDS (the Declaration). Given that the eyes are on Australia with the IAC, I thought it would be a... Read more

Women’s Networking Zone at IAC!

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The Women’s Networking Zone (WNZ) is a community-led forum running parallel to the International AIDS Conference (IAC), July 2014, Melbourne. The WNZ has grown into a vibrant, inclusive, and exciting space where community members, advocates, policy-analysts, decision-makers, service providers, and researchers share and learn. The WNZ promotes dialogue, forges new networks, raises the visibility of HIV, champions the... Read more

(De)CRIMINALISING transmission: The preference of public health approaches

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“In addition to HIV, a new virus had been detected that was sweeping the world. It was HIL. Highly ineffective laws” These were the words declared by Michael Kirby (who would be later appointed as an Australian High Court Justice) at a high level meeting in the mid 1980’s addressing HIV responses. Almost 30 years later the United National Global Commission on HIV and the Law concluded that any laws criminalising... Read more

Can I donate blood if I am HIV positive?

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No. Before giving blood you must fill out a questionnaire that is designed to assess whether you are, have been, or could be at risk of a blood borne disease, including HIV. This questionnaire operates as a statutory declaration and you must sign it to verify the accuracy of the information you have given. Penalties apply if you do not answer the questionnaire truthfully. Source: HIV/AIDS Legal Centre, Sydney... Read more

What if I think a practitioner is not following Standard Precautions?

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If you think that a practitioner is not following standard precautions, then you can draw attention to this without disclosing your own status. For example, you could say “shouldn’t you be wearing gloves? I thought everyone had to wear gloves when there was blood?” Source: HIV/AIDS Legal Centre, Sydney Read more