• About QPP

Board Members

The QPP Board’s primary function is governance; this means that members of the QPP Board main commitment and business should be focused on QPP’s purpose, its mission and vision.  The QPP board has in effect delegated the responsibility of the day to day operations of QPP to the management team.

The Queensland Positive People Inc. Constitution allows for six positions on the Board of Directors.  Elections are held annually at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) with board terms lasting for two years.  However, sometimes there may be a vacancy for a board position during a term.  In this event the remaining board members may appoint a person to the board for the remainder of the board term.  Any new Board member must also be eligible to sit on the QPP Board.

Current Members of QPP Board

  • President – Mark Counter
  • Vice President – Sharon Vaughan
  • Secretary – Matt Hall
  • Treasurer – Kevin Heffer
  • Northern – Shane Kennedy
  • Central – Steven Vaughan
  • Southern – Lara Kruizinga