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Board Members

The QPP Board’s primary function is governance; this means that members of the QPP Board main commitment and business should be focused on QPP’s purpose, its mission and vision.  The QPP board has in effect delegated the responsibility of the day to day operations of QPP to the management team.

The Queensland Positive People Inc. Constitution allows for seven positions on the Board of Directors.  Elections are held annually at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) with board terms lasting for two years.  However, sometimes there may be a vacancy for a board position during a term.  In this event the remaining board members may appoint a person to the board for the remainder of the board term.  Any new Board member must also be eligible to sit on the QPP Board.

The Board are currently taking expressions of interest in filling any casual vancancies. Please review the Letter from the Secretary for further details, and the Invitation Expression of Interest for applications.

Please note: the Central Zone Board position has been filled. Expressions of interest are still sought for the Northern zone and Southern zone positions.

Current Members of QPP Board

President – Mark Counter

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Vice President – Shane Kennedy

Shane has been a board member for most of his adult life having most recently served as an Ordinary Board Member of Positive Life NSW, 16 years as staff rep for Stanford House, and much of the 1980’s as an Executive Member of the board and Choirmaster of Acceptance Sydney.

In 1991, Acceptance was invited to assist in opening and running Stanford House, an initiative of the Daughters of Charity.  Stanford House eventually gained funding from Health NSW and Shane was employed to run Stanford House from 2000.  Stanford House provided supported accommodation for PLHIV, linking them back to health professionals, NGOs, social networks and public housing.  Included amongst his achievements in this role was the development of an outreach program to support past residents. In 2015, Shane negotiated with Health NSW to maintain funding while reinventing a future for the service. The service was eventually handed over to St Vincent’s Hospital as part of their Homeless Health Program where Shane was kept on as Manager of the service until his resignation in 2017.

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Secretary – Matt Hall

As a results driven, highly motivated and successful operator, Matt has previously held numerous, high-level, managerial positions responsible for growth, change and achievement.  Matt has a Master of Business and his strong interpersonal, communication and networking skills allow him to enjoy valuable professional relationships and increase opportunities.

Matt holds a place on the Queensland Premiers LGBTIQ+ Roundtable Advisory Group and has worked extensively as a Crisis Counsellor for Lifeline supporting people, most recently in north Queensland, during the major floods affecting their lives and homes.  Another of Matt’s recent achievements was, as Project Manager, establishing the first ever Pride House to be held in Australia at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

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Treasurer – Lance Schema

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Southern- Vaughan McLachlan

Born in ’93, Vaughan represents the younger generation of those effected/living with HIV. Originally nursing in Aged care for 6+ years, Vaughan was introduced to the sector in 2017. He developed a passion for removing stigma and providing support for PLHIV following his diagnosis in early 2016. Vaughan now Nurses in a Private Primary Health Care setting that specialises in Sexual Health, HIV Management/Prevention and Transgender health.

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Central Zone Member –  Karel Wouters

Karel (Karl) has been a member of the PLWHIV Community for the past 31 years and is actively involved with his local community on the Sunshine Coast through his volunteering with youth, housing and spiritual organisations.  He has worked closely with QPP and QuAC for many years, being a member of both Boards and programs.

Karl has also had diverse experiences and involvement with the broader community as a Lifeline counsellor, Ambulance Officer, Hospice volunteer, Funeral Director and Trust Member of the Vipassana Centre.

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Northern Zone Member – Kevin Heffer

Kevin has been an active participant in this community and has been volunteering in the sector since 2002.  He brings many skills to this role from his background, which includes a joinery trade, administration, sales and management experience.

Kevin has held Board positions for both QuAC and PAC and held the Director position of Gay and Lesbian Tourism Australia.  Kevin is well-known for his contribution, donating a lot of his time generously to different organisations over the years.

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