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HIV Support – LIFE+

Our LIFE+ program offers support and peer connection when you need it, so you can enjoy your best life.


Our innovative RAPID testing programs offer safe, judgement free testing so you can know your status.

QPP Initiatives

We are passionate about improving the lives of PLHIV in Queensland. Learn more about our community involvement.

If you, or someone you care about, needs support to live well with HIV, click below to make a referral to us and we will get in contact.


We provide programs and services including peer support and navigation, peer HIV/STI prevention and testing, HIV treatment and management, together with support and advocacy around stigma and discrimination, ageing and disability, mental health and community education. In short, we help people live well with HIV.

Treating HIV

The experience of taking HIV treatments has changed. Learn more here.

HIV Testing

HIV Testing

Why to test and how to find your best testing options in Queensland.

Peer Connection

Peer Connection

The support you need if you have been recently diagnosed or have been living with HIV for some time. 

Smoking, Drugs and Alcohol

Drugs & Alcohol

Substance use can affect the health and wellbeing of PLHIV. Get tools to help here.

Sexual Health

Sexual Health

Looking after your sexual health is part of living a full and vibrant life. Learn more here.

HIV Prevention

HIV Prevention

Facts and advice on how to reduce the risk of HIV transmission.

Growing Older with HIV

Growing Older with HIV

To live the fabulous life that you deserve can take little more work when living with HIV.

Information for Women living with HIV

Information for Women

Practical knowledge and resources for women living with HIV in Queensland.

HIV Stigma, Discrimination and the Law

Stigma & Discrimination

Tips on when and how to disclose, and ways we all can combat HIV stigma.

Looking After Yourself

Looking After Yourself

How you can live well with HIV, and get support if you need it.

Recently Diagnosed with HIV

Recently Diagnosed

We are here to help you with your first steps after being diagnosed.

Undetectable = Untransmittable

Undetectable equals Untransmittable. The science and the value of U=U.


Staying engaged and connected socially is a vital part of living well with HIV.  Come join us for one of our regular social groups and community activities.

Long Term Survivors and Mature Aged Group

If you’ve been living with HIV long term or are of mature age, please come and…

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary Visit

To keep our social group fresh and exciting, we’re thrilled to announce QPP’s first excurs…

Saturday Brisbane BBQ

Join your local Brisbane community and QPP for lunch at our long running Brisban…


QPP is continuously involved in research, projects and developing information that can help people live well with HIV in Queensland.  Read the latest updates here.

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